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Hello all,

I recently scaled down my 10 gallon to a 3 gallon acrylic tank because my old tetra died and I moved my Brevis to a bigger aquarium. The filter that came with my 3 gallon went missing during a move, so I'm planning on just using the same aquaclear hang on back filter on my 3 that I used on my 10.

Only problem is, my 10 gallon had a massive snail infestation as well as a nasty strain of algae, and I'd like to prevent that from carrying into my new setup in the 3 gallon. I was wondering what the best way of cleaning a filter to kill off all of these things. I already poured a kettle full of boiling water over my filter sponge. How can I take care of all the plastic components, as well as the impellor?

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