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Hi all! I been having an issue with a keyhole cichlid.

29 gallon fully cycled planted tank with sponge filter
Parameters: 0 ammonia; 0 nitrates; 0 nitrites; 6-7 ph; soft water
Change 20-30% of water weekly, clean bottom tank monthly

three keyholes - they are still young but I believe I have 2 male/1female
one bolivian ram
8 or nine green neon tetras (cichlids have been snacking I think)
8 rummynose tetras
one bristle nose pleco

All fish are fine but one keyhole cichlid with clamped fins and some blackening on the ends of tail fins. About a week ago I did a 50% water change, added aquarium salt, dosing with crupromine (buffered copper) and turned out the lights. The temp was at 75, I bumped it up to 82 degrees. I initially thought this could be velvet but the fish hasn't been getting better. Not worse, but no better either. All fish, including the sick one, are active and eating cobalt flake food and sometimes top fin cichlid pellets (they don't seem to like those). They really take out snails. I have been feeding them the sail explosion from my 10g.

Anyhow - ideas on what I might be missing? I had dosed the tank with an antibiotic after a fish got dropsy but that was a couple of months ago.
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