cichlids of africa

While cruising the interwebs looking for some Lake Victoria fish pictures I came across this image. Could this be the cover of the followup to Cichlids of Africa Volume I: Haplochromines? The original book was reviewed by Ken Boorman and his entire review can be found HERE. According to Ken's review:
This book brings together a collection of articles and beautiful photographs, providing the reader with a valuable reference and insight into the captive care and breeding of these vanishing jewels.
Volume II should be more of the same great content. The authors listed on the cover of "Cichlids of Africa Volume II" are Greg Steeves, Anton Lamboj and Hans Van Heusden. The first two being authors of the original book. There isn't any other information of where and when the book will be available, but with an image of the cover out there, it shouldn't be very long. If you are a fan of Lake Victoria Basin cichlids, you should certainly keep an eye on the storefront where the original book is sold. I can't wait!