Cichlids of africa

The rumors and speculation can finally be put to rest. Cichlids of Africa Volume II is finally out and a limited amount copies are available before full distribution is set up in the U.S. The book is available in Europe directly from one of the authors, Anton Lamboj. In the U.S., the book is available through another of the authors, Greg Steeves.

The original, Cichlids of Africa Volume I, covered many species that normally aren't seen in cichlid publications. Specifically, Volume I was about cichlids from Lake Victoria and surrounding lakes. A review can be found HERE by Ken Boorman.

Cichlids of Africa Volume II also covers Lake Victoria region cichlids but also includes West African riverine cichlids. Both areas have beautiful, unique and out of the ordinary cichlids, but are underrepresented in print work. The authors, Greg Steeves, Anton Lamboj and Hans van Heusden have put together amazing information and photographs in this book. Hopefully we will have a full review posted in the library soon.