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I have had a 60 gallon African cichlid tank running for the last five years.
Recently, the fish have been acting strange and I have lost two pictus cats, one ob peacock, and just today a pseudetropheus socolofi. Both of my adult male yellow labs have been swimming vertically in the tank, every so often darting to the surface or hitting the walls. The other socolofi are "shimmying" almost to the point where it looks like they are having a seizure. As I am watching now, they are acting like the labs where they dart sideways and run into the walls. Most of them are eating normally, but swim with clamped fins. All of these fish were fine for the past few months, but they all seem sickly now. My compressiceps seems to be the only cichlid left unaffected. Many of them are either swimming at the top of the tank, or wedged themselves into the rocks at the bottom.

I tested the water and found:
0 ppm ammonia
0 ppm nitrite
20 ppm nitrate
8.2 pH

When I checked my heater, it was heating the water to 86 degrees! I replaced it right away with a new one, and have been slowly moving the temperature back down to the target range of 78. Is this the reason why they're acting like this? I added an airstone in case there was a low oxygen problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and let me know if you need more information.
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