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Cichlid ID please...

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Iodotropheus sprengerae (rusties)?

Juvies sometimes have barring, like those.
thanks Nina_b but are you sure or in doubt???

the question mark makes me feel as if you are not sure...
There are some OB Peacocks, and some yellow peacocks in the tank. The yellow peacocks appear to have been hormoned, and the barring is a bit off on them. They could be Maleri Island, but I wouldn't trust them to be anything other than hybrids.
I wasn't sure at all, go with Fogelhund.
thanks Fogelhund...

so the barred cichlids are Peacocks and not Mbuna...
In this picture yes. There are haps, peacocks, and mbuna that will have barring. There are even vics. and tangs that show it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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