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I last reported symptoms of Cichlid-forum failures on 23 January/21. Your response was interesting, yes. But unfortunately.....


I am growing more and more concerned about the apparent, FAILING status of Cichlid-forum.
Specifics as follows,
- 'Bots are becoming more and more effective in their attacks on the site. Instead of single posts in sections of the forum, these 'Bots are now attacking entire sections of the forum. It is getting harder and harder to respond and clean up these attacking 'Bot posts! What is the plan to correct this problem?
- The site has listed/identified, Forum Section Moderators that have not been active in some instances (a single post?) for OVER THREE YEARS. Why have no new Section Moderators in these (now unattended) forum sections been assigned?
- The Species Profiles section of the forum is, to put it bluntly..... A JOKE. Cichlid naming conventions have changed. The Species profile information is in definite need of a full revision. A huge amount has changed since those Species Profiles were developed over a decade ago. Why have they not been updated? What is THE PLAN to correct this site resource? This delinquency has become a major shortcoming of the site!
Cichlid-forum WAS ONCE, the definitive site to obtain the latest information available to successfully obtain and keep freshwater Cichlids in the aquarium. No Longer! The Species Profiles section is now at best - misleading. At worst, this information located in the Species Profile section has become - downright harmful. It's disgraceful! The public should expect (and receive) definitive, Cichlid-keeping information from this site. That is, technically correct information that is provided to enable and help success in hobbyist attempts to properly keep freshwater Cichlid fishes.
This, no longer seems to be true.
And unfortunately, these site failures of Cichlid-forum are now negatively impacting the Cichlid-Keeping CORE PRINCIPLES, the site was originally created to serve.
So, I ask again.... what is the plan to correct these site failures?
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