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hellocichlid said:
I'm getting a Lake Malawi cichlid within the next far I've got a filter, lighting, heater, chiller, gravel, plants and air I need anything else?

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hellocichlid, what is the size and dimensions of the aquarium?

It is unusual to start with just one Malawi cichlid and then add others so it seems you are trying to decide if keeping Malawi cichlids is what you want or you don't have enough money to stock all at once.

The basic set up for Malawi cichlids is to choose a tank that is at least 48" long, a light fixture so you can see the fish, substrate that is either small gravel or sand-like, a filter that is large enough for both the tank and the number of fish stocked and provides proper water circulation and filtration capacity.

An air pump isn't required when using a power or canister filter, plants are hit and miss depending on the species of fish as some will eat or destroy the plants and a chiller isn't often seen on Malawi tanks unless you don't have an air conditioned home.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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