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Cichlid(and other fish) guessing game!!!

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I've seen thsi in other forums, and there is a CA cichlid guessing game in the CA cichlid section. Well, anyways like that one, I will post a picture of a fish, and whomever gets it right will post a pic of a fish and so on. So, to get it started, here.

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It's a anadromous fish, it is rare, but found in Europe.
That's my dad and I pulling an Oscar out of Lake Okeechobee last summer... how did you get that pic????
Its a catfish or shark of some sort, Im not 100% what though.
looks more grey and white to me...
No Canadian fishing fans eh?

Sturgeon. Small one though... I'd throw it back. :wink: :lol:

Did you know that or did you right click and check out the properties? :D
Aura said:

Did you know that or did you right click and check out the properties? :D
LOL! I knew it, but that's hilarious that the answer is right there in the properties...

We'll call this thread the Teacher's Edition since the answers were in the back :lol:
CHEATERS!!! Fine, #6, u may go.

should be an easy one :)
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Looks like some sort of loach to me. Next time i get to post a picture, i'm gettin' rid of the stupid properties. The properties says its a ---ian female. Is that a trick to get us?
Nah, doesn't look like a cichlid to me, more like a catfish, from aquahobby, lol.
It's a very dark pic, but the body shape suggests Pelvicachromis pulcher (Kribensis)
it's not the picture that is dark, the fish is incredibly dark... super dark red lightening slightly towards the lower half.

I think the fish might actually be male... I know the properties say female :wink: I'm lousy at venting.
Yeah. Anyone other than me and #6 know what it is? This could be a while... :wink:
prov356 said:
How about Telmatochromis sp. shell?
someone checked other files in the folder! :wink:
still wrong though LOL

at least you're back to guessing cichlids... getting warmer
1 - 20 of 2396 Posts
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