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Scientific Name: Chromidotilapia regani
Pronunciation: kr
Geo. Origin: Northern Part of the Ogooue River System & Northwest Gabon
Habitat: Medium to Large-Sized Rivers
Diet: Omnivore
Gender Differences: Monomorphic
Maximum Size: 6.0"
Temperature: 71-76°F
pH: 6.5-7.6
Water Hardness: Soft
Difficulty: 3



Photo Credit: Dr. Anton Lamboj


Chromidotilapia regani (Pellegrin, 1906) and C. haugi (Pellegrin, 1919) were synonymized with C. kingsleyae by Dr. Thys van den Audenaerde in 1968, but no reasons for these synonymizations were given. Dr. Anton Lamboj reinstated C. regani as a valid species in 2002 and confirmed C. haugi as a junior synonym of C. regani.

C. regani is distinguished from the other species of the genus by the possession of a "high number of branchiospines on the first outer branchial arch (23-31 vs. 12-21)," a highly pronounced first doral spine, and by its coloration (Lamboj, 2002). Sexual dimorphism and dichromatism (coloration) levels are low, the first ray of the pelvic fin of both sexes is the longest but is slightly more pronounced in males, and sometimes the lateral lines overlap by one or two scale rows.

A close relationship to C. guntheri is presumed. C. regani has not yet been bred in aquaria. -Randall Kohn
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