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Well, after looking at each of those overflow box systems.... I like them all! (With the exception of the Modular Marine model, that we can't look at).
But, I also know what you are in for if you get any of these overflow systems for sump filtration.
A part of the problem with sump type filtration systems, is the noise of gurgling, splashing water. Plus, air that is pulled down into the intake piping with the water can resonate with a low 'roar' as well. The intake piping in the overflow box is actually a key source of the noise problem. The water transiting down those intake pipes in the overflow box carries air and water down with it - which causes all of that splashing, gurgling and roaring noisiness that has so endeared the aquarium hobby to your wife. I mean seriously, if your current pair of Eheim canister filters are objectionable because of the excessive noise they make?
I can only imagine the reception you would receive to a full-on sump filtration system! :x
Before proceeding further into the design phase of this aquarium build... I recommend that you try and get a closer look at sump filtration systems that are actively running on aquariums. Salt or freshwater, the basic principles will be the same, and will give you some ideas of what you'll be dealing with by hearing the actual noise produced by those filtration systems. It is a well-known problem, and there may be some ideas or tricks you will discover to minimize (or maybe even eliminate) the noise of a sump filtration system in operation. :)
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