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I'm almost done with this 180 build and finally see the light at the end of the rainbow. I'm really set on having a Chocolate Cichlid or 2 in the tank and looking for tankmates to go with them. I really would like another good size cichlid (or 2) to go with them and maybe a good schooling fish (not silver dollars).

Give me your thoughts on tankmates or the mix you would think might work:

1-2 Chocolate Cichlids (must)
polleni (really want one)

Vieja Syn.
Rokteil Severum
Red Severum

Tiger Barbs (15-25)
Black Tetra (15-25)
Buenos Areas (10-20)
Tinfoil Barb (2-4)
Giant Danios (8-15)

Just trying to get this planned out and wanting to get some input...and no i don't want all those shools, just one

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My opinion, you have a really bad mix of large, potentially aggressive cichlids, some medium sized good lookers, and some gentle giants. The dither fish will eventually end up as expensive live food. The cichlids will be all fine and dandy as 2 inch juveniles, but eventually the Vieja will out grow the tank, and the Bocourti and Polleni will terrorise the rest.

I think you should sit down and work out what you want from the tank. Only two or three large, beautifull but aggressive CA cichlids and the polleni. Or a slightly more peacefull heroine cichlid SA tank. Or consider a smaller species CA cichlid tank with a few more cichlids in there.

If you want to keep a Chocolate cichlid and Severum, maybe you should look at some of the mid sized acaras that could be combined with them. Aequidens metae look good, and maybe consider a Uaru and possibly even an Oscar.
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