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chipped 180... any solutions

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hey guys... i was just curious how to go about fixing this chip, at a cheap cost, if at all possible... it is probably in the best location for a chip i would think anyway... it is at the bottom, in the middle of the back glass... would just a boat load of silicone work, or would you suggest replacing the glass... if glass replacement, any idea how much it would cost... the tank is my friends and he doesn't live by me any more, so this is all i have to go off of...

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You should probably just give it to me :p
Sorry, no help, just thought I would drop by with a joke :fish:
this is crazy but i did the same thing to my tank the same day you did. anyway, enough of the serendipity, i just glued the **** out of it, but my tank is only a 30g, so the water pressure is not quite the same as your 180.
I would highly recommend that you visit the following site and scroll downt to the "Aquarium Repairs" section. This place is a wealth of information. If you do not see a situation similar to yours, you can email the experts there, and they will offer you their advice. They know their stuff. They might recommend that you brace it by siliconing in some sort of glass "patch."

That said, with a 180 gallon tank, I would be very cautious filling it when you have a chip at the bottom, since that is a large tank supporting a lot of water weight.

A very small flaw in a piece of glass can have a huge effect on its overall structural integrity. Or it could make no difference at all. It's difficult to tell. Good luck.
If the chip is very shallow, almost shaped like the missing part is a fish scale, it should have no effect on the integrity of the tank. If the tank happens to be empty, he might feel better eurobracing the bottom. Silicone is not a bad idea. It will help keep the dirt out of it.
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