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cheap water pump

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what is a good water pump for circulating water around a 29 gallon tank tht isn't to expensive?
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I would recommend an aqueon power head they have them at petco. The 125 is 15 bucks the 225 is 20 bucks. The 125 is for I think 29-40g.
has anyone used the rio aqua pump?
I got the Aqueon Water Circulator, 1250GPH for like $40. WELL worth it.
I would get the AquaClear power head. You will spend a little more money but get much better quality. If money is really limited go to walmart.
what about the roi aqua pump?
They look pretty pricey for the GPH.
bought the rio aqua pump works well. a little bit louder than i thought but its ok
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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