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I had the same problem that i couldnt find any details or pictures on these but they were selling at 10 bucks a piece on amazon. the only post i found showed that they are decent though the person posted that he had problem few days later when algae grew on them and fish started eating on them. the solution posted was that they dont have epoxy resin coating on them (as its costly) and he should have done that.

I took the plunge and ordered 2 pieces for my 55 gallon long aquarium and so far experience is decent to good. the shortcomings being that even 2 pieces are short for the aquarium on the other hand a 3rd piece would need to be cut in couple of pieces to fit in and that will be too much work and could easily destroy the whole work. the other problem being the pieces are exact replica so they dont fit side to side neatly and show a line in the middle.

I did bought epoxy from local store and coated them (20 bucks). however i am not satisfied with this because couldnt find the right epoxy and i am afraid this one will eventually come off, i just dont know how long. I just floated them down into my already running aquarium (lot of pushing as they are buyoant). I forced them back to the wall with couple of stones (really easy though, not much push forward. They tuck neatly beneath the edge of aquarium (very secure with the buyoncy force).

The epoxy at certain sites turned white which i actually liked as it was too uniformly gray and looked fake. Algae is also growing on it, partly due to reflected sunlight (unfortunately my living space is highly sunny). So far fishes have left it alone. The 2 inch chinese algae eater eats algae off of it without problems or isssues.

I have it setup for about 7 days.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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