We've made some changes to the Classifieds section of the site!

Classifieds section

In the past, this section has been closed to retailers who are not sponsors, this is no longer the case. Anyone may now post in the Classifieds section. This change will benefit members as they will now be able to browse ads from other retailers and large scale hobbyists. We encourage all retailers to post ads in the appropriate sections. If you are a large scale hobbyist, meaning you have fry from many different species at one time, you are also welcome to take advantage of the Classifieds section.

Please keep in mind that by posting ads, you are agreeing to the Classifieds section Rules and Guildlines. Some of the Rules and Guildlines have not changed. They include limits to how many ads can be posted, no ad "bumping" and several others. Make sure you read then to avoid violations.

Members looking for fish; take advantage of the Wanted ad type option. Let retailers and other hobbyists know what you are looking for.