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Chamging out the fish

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Ok, so I had about 25-30 Julies in my 75 gallon tank when i bought it. I loved my julies, but wanted to add some other species to the tank. I reduced my numbers to half. I have between 10-12 julies left. I also purchased 3 clown loaches. The fish store only had "larger" loaches, and they are probably 3.5-4 inches long. So, by far larger in appearance than my julies.

The issues that I am having is that even when i feed, the julies seldom come out anymore, and I seldom see the loaches either. It has to be late at night, with almost all the lights off to see activity from the loaches.

Have I scared off my julies? Any suggestions?
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How long has it been? If it's less than two weeks- I don't think you need to worry. You've disrupted the natural pecking order of your julies, and so there's going to be infighting for territory and dominance. Throw in a few good sized fish on top of that, your julies are going to be temporarily intimidated. I'm sure they'll get over it soon. :thumb:

Keep the lights off, feed less, and keep up with water changes. If the fish are stressed, they will be more susceptible to disease. Make sure to watch the clowns for ich- some preventative salt may not be a bad idea.

With your next large (40-70%) water change, go ahead and add 1 TBS dissolved NaCl for every 5 gallons of new water. Then, a few days later do another large water change, and add 1TBS per 10 gallons of new water.
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