Chalinochromis sp. "Ndobhoi". Photo by Ad Konings​

Chalinochromis sp. "Ndobhoi" is a yet to be defined species from Lake Tanganyika. Originally collected close to Karilani Island in the eastern part of Lake Tanganyika, C. sp. "Ndobhoi" shares many of the same characteristics as Julidochromis. They are a pair-bonding egg layer that make their home among the rocks and small caves, feeding on small insects and crustaceans in the algae. Once eggs are laid in a cave, both parents will protect their spawn for weeks until they the adults are ready to spawn again.

In the aqaurium Chalinochromis sp. "Ndobhoi" can be aggressive toward each other, especially the males. Once a pair forms it is best to remove all other C. sp. "Ndobhoi" from the tank. When breeding starts, other species in the aquarium will be harassed. After several weeks, offspring should be separated from the parents so they can begin the process again. A food high in protein with some plant matter is recommended. To discuss C. sp. "Ndobhoi" visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.