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Yes, females of most Mbuna can "imitate" male color to a small degree, but this all depends on context of the make up of the group, so it is difficult to make blanket statements like what does a little bit of blue means if it is a male with little color, or a female. Not sure how much blue you mean. Subdominant males can color up depending on mood, but then lose the color while females cannot really attain full color. Males also get longer fins and more distinguishable eggspots. Females can get small eggspots but don't really attain full male characteristics around other males. Some females can show a good imitation of male color when holding.

Maybe not what you want to hear, but you just have to try to figure it out, part of the fun and frustration of cichlids. It is always possible that someone else who also wanted Chailosi females got most of the likely females and the group you got ended up from a group that was the leftover males.
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