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central filter system

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Hey everyone, I'm finishing up my fish room and was wondering how do I go about with a central filter system. I understand how the wet/dry filters work, but I'm lost on connecting one to multiple tanks. I'm use to using hang on filters,heaters, and sponge filters. I'm tired of all the wires, so I want to go with this system. I don't have pre-drilled tanks....I have about 15tanks that I want to run. What do I need, I'm unsure on where to we have any threads on this? I've searched but it didn't give me much of what I was looking for? Also does our online stores like ken's fish or jehmco sell all the parts to run this type of system. Please all comments are welcome.
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my central system works on gravity. the pump feeds the top tanks, and the overflows fall into tanks below it, until water is finally returned to the sump. unless you keep these tanks bare glass, and/or compliment each tank with a sponge filter, you run the risk of constant ick breakouts (aka LFS syndrome). the trick is to keep your water moving. 15 tanks, averaging 20 gal each, will require a system capable of managing a 1200-1500 gph flow rate. IME.
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