cares preservation program

Founded in 2004, the CARES Preservation Program seeks to encourage hobbyist to take part in ensuring a positive future for species at risk. Participation in the program was designed to be easy and enjoyable. The CARES program is overseen by Dr. Paul V. Loiselle, esteemed ichthyologist and champion of conservation. By visiting the CARES Program website,, you can find the priority list of endangered species and more information about the program.

I've participated in the program through my local fish club. All it really takes is devoting a single tank to a CARES species fish. For those hobbyists who enjoy keeping and breeding rare fish, participation in the program can open doors to meet other hobbyist with similar interests. By exchanging CARES fish with other people, I have found several species that I'd never seen available from any retailers at the time. Now, in part with the efforts of the CARES Preservation Program, hobbyists have been breeding and spreading fish to other hobbyists and retailers. Here are just a couple of them:

Xystichromis phytophagus. Photo by Dave Hansen

Xystichromis phytophagus. Photo by Dave Hansen​

Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback". Photo by Dave Hansen

Xystichromis sp. "Kyoga flameback". Photo by Dave Hansen​