cares exchange

April marks the publication of the second issue of the CARES Exchange. The CARES Exchange a publication by the CARES Fish Preservation Program. The purpose of the CARES Program, with the help of hobbyists, is to create a stock of conservation priority species. Hobbyists simply devote some tank space to these endangered species and pass on offspring to other hobbyists. An article about the CARES Program can be found in the library.

The CARES Program was founded in 2004 and has helped distribute endangered species all around the world. Even if the original habitat of certain species is lost, the species live on in hobbyist's aquariums. The CARES Exchange publication not only lists available species from CARES participants, but has several conservation related articles. If you would like to participate in the program check out the Exchange latest issue. You may find that rare species you've been looking for or you might just realize you have an endangered species you can help distribute.