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I've used hobs and still use one on a 10 gallon i have, which always seems like its clogged..

but as far as canisters.. *** never replaced the media in my canister - only the carbon charcoal. I just clean the floss and re-assemble. I used to be concerned that the lid to the canister would leak but *** had it for several years now with no problems. i'll never go back.

Canister filter impellers can make noise too. I've gotten sand in mine a couple times and its horrible how loud it is, but if you make sure you clean it out real good during maintinance its a non-issue. IMO canisters filter better and are easier to maintain.. this is however just my opinion.

i'll never go back.

a Fluval 304 should be plenty for a 45 gallon with light bio-load and can be had for the price of a good hob.
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