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Ok so I have a 125 gallon with 6 chiclids around 3 inches ea. give or take a few. 4 of them are yellow 1 is white and one is baby blue with a black fin. I really don't know what kind they are or what lake sorry. i'm pretty new to the chiclid world.
I also have 6 1 inch bottom feeding snail eaters and HAD a pleco about 6 or so inches.

A couple of times now over the last 6 months I've found Dead fish in my tank that have been devoured down to the skeleton. just 2 days ago i saw my pleco under his big rock (as usual) eating away doin his thing. today all i found was his skull and spine on the floor of the tank.
Has anyone ever experienced this?
Would it be a parasite?
Are my fish attacking and eating other fish cause i don't feed them enough? (every other day)
I'm totally clueless on all of this so any answers would be helpful.
:D :-?
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