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This will work on any canister but I did this specifically on my Eheim 2262. I know some will say this is not needed but it's not hurting anything doing it so why not? It's just another fail safe for that 1 in a million scenario.

I used 3/4" PVC for the intake and spraybar. If you've ever removed the intake strainer and put you hand near the bottom of the intake tube while the 2262 is running, you'll know that this thing will try to suck your hand in. :lol: I was worried about having a hole that was too big and affecting the suction at the bottom or a hole that was too small that wouldn't break the siphon.

I found that a 7/32" hole worked flawlessly. I ended up using some spare 3/16" pull through grommets that I had but instead of using the pull part I used the larger end which is slightly larger than the 7/32" hole. You want a tight fit or else you'll lose your siphon should the water level fall below the hole.

Pull through grommet.
pull through grommets.jpg

7/32" hole at the top of the intake.
2262 siphon break.jpg

This video shows the 7/32" hole is able to break the siphon.
*Dont' mind the other pipe to the right of the intake, that is my good intake. The intake in the video was a scrap piece I had left over.*

This video shows that the rubber grommet creates a tight seal even when the water level is below it IE: doing a water change. DON'T forget to put the rubber grommet in the hole before draining your water for a water change or else you're going to have to re-prime your canister.
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