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canister filter help / suggestion

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HEy, almost a year ago i purchased an aqua Nova 1500 litres per hour canister filter.
i was originally looking at ehiems or fluvals, but for the price this was, i couldnt say no ( its brand new)

after reading this forum for a while, i am scared that i have been cleaning / running my canister filter with the wrong media.

The canister has 4 media baskets inside and the following is how its laid out (take in mind water is taken to he bottom them pumped up through the baskets)

bottom basket (first in line for water) has thick coarse filter pads that stops everytihng but the smaller particles

the next basket is full of Large and small bio balls ( two different sizes due to me using the orignaly balls from the two internal filters and putting them into the cansiter with the new larger balls)

the next basket is all ceramnic noodle things.

the final basket is filled with fine filter pads thats there to stop anything thats left flowing in the water.

Baiscally when i do my water change, i take all the baskets out and put them in the large 80 litre bucket full of the tank water im removing (( i dont do weekly cleans to the filter, more liek once a month or once every two monts)

i throughly rinse the filter pads, till clean, and i shake the bio balls and ceramic noodles mildly in the baskets to shake up anything thats stuck to them, i then restack all this back into the canister once cleaned / and if needed replaced some of the pads, i then put back together and turn back on.

sorry for the long post, but is there something im doing wrong here? or not doing?

any suggestions would be great

thanks BRryn
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Sounds fine to me. Are you rinsing your pads in tap water? I wouldn't put them back in the filter wet with tapwater personally, since I'd want to keep chlorine as far away from my biomedia (your bioballs and ceramic noodle thingies) as possible. Many people advise that you rinse your media in tankwater. It might not be a bad idea to rince out one of your bio baskets in tank water each time you clean the filter rather than just shaking both up. I can understand the desire to not touch one of them though ;).

FWIW bioballs are typically used in wet/dry systems, and may not be as efficient as other bio media in a canister. I'd be tempted to replace them with something like Eheim's efhisubstrat, or pick your submerged bio media of choice. I might also swap the ceramic noodles and your other biomedia (i.e. noodles first) but i'm just wierd :).

Anyhow, don't see anything wrong with what you've got or are doing other than i'd avoid getting tapwater in my canister like the plague.

-Rick (the armchair aquarist, who doesn't actually have a canister filter so take his advice with a grain of salt)
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