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I inherited a drilled tank with a Fluval 404 canister. Cannot contact previous owner. Tank drains on side 2 inches above bottom. Return is on opposite side, 2 inches from top. There is a compartment for bioballs where drain is, although I don't think this is an issue.
I have had canisters before but not Fluval, and never used them with a drilled tank. The bottom of the canister is on the shelf beside the bottom of the tank.
I can't get the thing to work although priming it filled the canister.
Maybe it was not working when I got it (it hums).
I have always used canisters BELOW the tank not adjacent. Could that be the problem or would they still run, just not as efficiently.
I can't run the canister underneath but want to know if the issue is the placement of the canisters or are these hard to prime?
I can always seal the drilled part and use HOB if needed.

PS - It also seemed to be leaking a bit (dribbles where top and bottom intersect) when plug was in, although water was not circulating of course.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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