Canadian Association

The Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs is having their annual convention next week in Burlington, Ontario. Founded in 1959, the CAOAC is an association of member aquarium, reptile & amphibian, pond & water garden, and similar clubs or societies from across Canada. Through the CAOAC, member organizations can work together for the common good and good of the hobby.

The Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs Convention is scheduled for May 18th through the 20th, Victoria Day Weekend. Speakers include Greg Steeves, Rick Borstein, Jeff Cardwell, Mike Hellweg and Bryan Chin. Cichlid fans will enjoy Steeves' talk on Haplochromines and Cardwell's talks on Discus and Angelfish. Along with the speakers there will be a fish show and auctions. For more information on the CAOAC convention visit If you are in the Burlington, ON area this is an event cichlid fans shouldn't miss.