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Can you put 1" small cichlids with larger 4 to 5" cichlids?

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Hey guys I just got two OB Peacocks that are about 1.5" and one Rohdes cichlids that is 2". I have in the 20 gallon for now but I'm thinking of putting them in my 55 gallon tank. In my 55 gallon I have 7 Peacocks, 6 mbuna and one hap. Most of the peacocks are bigger then the Mbuna but I do have 2 aratus but there not as aggressive.
Someone told me that Africans don't eat fish they just kill for territory and small fish can't really cause them any threat so they shouldn't be killed. Please let me know what should do?
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If the juveniles are not "bite size", and will not tempt of the larger fish to swallow them they tend to be ignored. It's a judgement call on your part, and depends on the fish you have, but yes adults will not pay much attention to juveniles. Aggression is more about pecking order, and the little ones are no threat to the pecking order. Adults can chase very small fish if they trigger the predatory instinct, or if the very small fish panic but they usually ignore fish over 1".

On the other hand, you tank seems to have potential problems with the adults, so maybe you shouldn't be adding any fish unless you change what you already have.
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