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Chunkanese said:
Okay so I have the opportunity to purchase a 135 g for $135. It has a drilled hole for an old overflow owner says they use a plug and does not leak. I plan to check it out, can plugs hold securely? What should I look for? I've never dealt with a drilled tank and I would not want 135 gallons on my apartment floor! Do any of you use drilled tanks that have plugs? Have they ever come loose? Looking for some input. Thanks guys
Of course they can leak, any plumbing can if old or not done properly. I wouldn't pass it up because of a plugged hole even if it was currently leaking. You can redo that if necessary on the cheap. Post pics and we can let you know if it should be redone and how best to do that. Once done right, it can be trusted to not leak.

I'd also seriously consider a sump with wet/dry for a tank this size, but isn't necessary if that's not what you want to get into right now.
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