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Can fish sleep with the lights on?

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Hi All,
I recently set up a new SA community in a 4ft tank in my home office. The problem is my girlfriend and I both work nights and we tend to be up at all hours doing work with the lights on.

I've noticed that even when I turn the tank light off, all the fish stay awake and won't go into 'sleep mode'. The room gets light early as well, and even thought the tank isn't in the sunlight it still gets lit.

Are my poor fishies going to suffer from sleep deprivation? :-?
should I cover the tank at night?
Am I just being weird? :oops:

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I agree they'll probably be fine, but I think I'd go with a piece of black cloth to cover the tank and encourage them to settle down. Doesn't cost much and wouldn't be that much trouble. Even though my tank lights don't come on until mid afternoon, my fish get 'day active' as soon as light starts coming into the room. I would guess, and it's only a guess, that they'd do best with some sort of day/night cycle.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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