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Hi cichlidlover1987,

Welcome. It looks like you have a 'Geophagus' sp. "Bahia Red" from South America. If you are familiar with the Geophagus genus, these guys do not fit the typical earth eater mold. They fall under the G. brasiliensis complex of the genus which are much more aggressive and robust. They grow quite large reaching 10+ inches. How big is yours?

I am not an expert on the G. brasiliensis complex, I just have what I think is a Bahia red and yours looks like mine. However, I believe there are many similar variants of these cichlids; therefore, my identification of your and/or my fish may be incorrect.

Let’s see what TFG comes up with and/or what other have to say.

Great looking fish, I hope you can help out his HITH with some clean water and quality food.

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