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Not entirely sure what you are asking? is this a fry born in the tank? Could be a hybrid? What are the possible parents in the tank?

Similar to the common Elongatus Ornatus. Females can be whitish with those markings, but that one does not seem like a good example, too much markings,

There is a very common fish called Electric Blue Johanni which are hybrids more often than not. Fry could look like that from one of these parents.

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Hi! Yes. Sorry. Kinda new to the fish tank world. We have seen two babies (fry) in the tank. The picture is the bigger of the two (about 3/4 of an inch long). Not afraid of any of the bigger fish. Thinks he is king of the world. Just wondering what he could be. In this tank, I know some of these listed should not dwell together. We plan to separate soon.

I have the following:
Red Zebra x3
Yellow Lab x2
Yellow Kenyi x2
Demasoni x2
Marmalade Fuelleborni
Albino Zebra
Flametail Zebra
Albino Orange Peacock
Dragon Blood Peacock

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That's quite a lengthy stock list...not an expert, but I see a few problems. If you have two yellow Kenyi they are both males and the more dominant one will eventually pick on and probably kill the less dominant one. Two Demasoni will be a problem also unless you have a huge tank; if they are both males the dominant one will likely kill the less dominant, if they are male and female the male will likely chase the female to death; two females might be alright; I have a Demasoni species tank and it took months to get the aggression under control. I have 3 males and 15 females. The Venustus is going to get huge and the Kribensis will likely be picked on by everyone once your fish start to reach maturity. The peacocks will also likely be picked on by the Mbuna, and the Auratus are very intolerant of others as well.
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