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Can anyone identify this cichlid please?

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Hi all :)

First post, so hello to everyone on here!

6 months ago i ordered a green terror from an online aquatic store. The fish that subsequently arrived a few days later was barely larger than fry. It was about half an inch, and i didnt even think to question what species it was, I just assumed (having never seen a GT this small), that it would change as it grew. So six months have passed and it has grown into this. Beautiful fish, but obviously not a green terror but what the heck is it? It's currently about 5 inches (it grew FAST!). What you cant see on my poor photos is that it has a line of small visible teeth on its bottom jaw, that i thought was quite unusual?

Anyway, apologies for the poor photos but here he/she(?) is:

Thanks in advance :D

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maybe a jd? Thats what it looks like to me. Not an expert thou.
Hi, Nope, definitely not a JD. I have a female JD in the same tank as it and while they get on well, they look very different. I'll try and get a photo of the 2 of them for comparison if I can get them both together in shot at the same time! :eek:
Ok, not the best photo, and I couldnt get them in shot together, but heres a pic of my female JD in the same tank, under the same lighting conditions just for comparison.

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i would say the 1st pic is a male jd,and yep you also do have a female jd like i do.
Definately both JD's. First one looks probable male, and second one is definately female.
They're both jack dempseys. I'm not sure how they look "very different"? They look the same - they both look like jacks. The only difference of course is that one is a female and one is a male, so one has lots of colour in the gill plate and the other doesn't.
lol. Ok so i'ts a JD then :D I feel like a bit of a plank now :dancing: I think i'd somehow just wrongly convinced myself.

Thanks everyone :D
caprona said:
lol. Ok so i'ts a JD then :D I feel like a bit of a plank now :dancing: I think i'd somehow just wrongly convinced myself.

Thanks everyone :D
:lol: No problem. Ya going to try to breed them?
I'm not too bothered about breeding them really. If it happens, it happens. One thing that's always put me off breeding is what to do with the offspring. I could probably sell some to local shops but not in any quantity. I had a breeding pair of oscars a few years ago and I ended up having to just give them all away because I couldn't find anywhere that would buy that sort of quantity. Ended up selling the pair in the end because of the hassle.

Yes the first picture is a male jd for sure. Nice size and good coloring. Nice fish
Fish keeping is a very rewarding hobby. If those jd's do spawn dont look to make money. This is a hobby after all. If you go into this hobby just to make money you might not get any enjoyment out of it. Try what I do . If you have some fry that actually make it to a size where you can get rid of them ,give them away and see what they grow out to be. If you have a good pair you can post pics of the offspring and parents. If they have desired traits you can make some money. Remember this is a hobby more than a business. Good luck with your pair.
Lol. I've been keeping fish since I was about 12. I'm now 31 :). Just didn't have any prior experience with JDs. My main pet was a silver arowana that I had for many years until he sadly died. I've kept a wide variety of stuff like tiger shovelnoses, pacus, oscars, clown knives, lots of stuff, but always singly, not really in pairs. I've never ever looked for profit, just the enjoyment of keeping specimen fish. My comment about selling the offspring wasn't profit-motivated, but other than stores, i have no way of actually rehoming them, as none of my family or friends are fishkeepers. You wouldnt breed dogs if you had no way of rehoming the puppies, would you?
Yes this is very true about rehoming pets. Well if they do spawn I'm sure there are plenty of people on forums that would pay to get them shipped if they have good traits . Good luck with the pair.
Thanks :). They're actually showing a bit of pairing behaviour already. Digging holes and quivering at each other. They dont really have any suitable flat ricks for spawning tho at present. They've been in the same tank for a couple of weeks. The male was on his own for 6 months while he grew before I put him in with the others. Never know, in a couple of months I might be posting for people to adopt :). I may move them to one of my other tanks with a chunk of slate and see what happens.....
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