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Since there's only one LFS in Portage, I'm going to assume we're talking the same one (these fish are in the second row, top tank, towards the back of the fish room, right?). I got the same fish there, males and females. I got them initially thinking they were hara, but the females' colors didn't match up. In researching and asking on forums/websites, they've been repeatedly ID'ed as M. pulpicans. That said, I did find someone in Howell selling them, and he had them listed as Cynotilapia pulpican. So, it's possible that they were in Cynotilapia (same genus as afras) at some juncture, and the LFS's source is still stuck on that.

I'm far from the most experienced cichlid keeper, but I think these fish remind me more of afras than any of the other metriaclima speces I keep. The semi-bland females, body shape, etc. just strike me as more like the Cyno/afra types than Metriaclima/zebra types. The fact that they're pretty similar to haras (Cynos) reinforces this for me. But, what do I know? I'm sure they also meet whatever qualifications are necessary to land in Metriaclima.

Hopefully one of the more experienced members will come along, and let you know if I'm way off base here. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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