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Calvus spawning behavior?

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I have kept a male and female calvus for about 2 years. Up until about 2 months ago, anytime the female got near the male he would chase her away.

Recently, (and more often a day after a water change), the female will get very dark and travel to the male's side of the tank. He will follow her under a piece of drift wood where they will hover very close to eachother. She is under him with her dorsal fin touching underneath his jaw. They stay like this for a few min. then the male darts back to his cave on the other side of the tank.

After he goes back, everything goes back to normal and they stay seperated until the next water change.

Is this the start of spawning behavior?

THanks for any advice!
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I put 2 shells in the tank after I first noticed this behavior....not sure what they are called but they have thin openings on one side. They are sort of shaped like a football (white and brown spots) and have one flat side where the opening is.

The calvus seem to ignore these, and always perform this behavior by this piece of driftwood where the female usually hangs out when she is by herself. I put these shells near the driftwood...perhaps I should try putting them near the males cave?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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