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Calvus or Julie with Shellies

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I have a standard 20g tank with 9 L. Multifasciatus. The original pair and 7 of their offspring which are getting close to full size. I was thinking about adding another single fish like a Calvus or a Julie. I'd ad a rock pile on one end for it. What do you think? Do-able or leave things alone?
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I recently researched this same question and ended up going with a colony of shellies. I was told a julie "may" work but it'd be risky.

So I guess my coin flip landed on the conservative side.
They'll certainly help pick off some of your fry. I recently read a similar thread here and I believe the consensus was to avoid the Altos.
I had 1 juli. marleiri in my 20g with my 7 brevis. After I caught the juli stealing eggs out of a shell I moved it to my 55g. Other than the juli eating the eggs there was no problem with aggression or anything, they lived together happily, I was just trying to save my fry
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