Callochromis stappersii

Callochromis stappersii. Photo by Ad Konings.​

Callochromis stappersii is a small cichlid that can be found throughout Lake Tanganyika's sandy bottoms. Their silver color shimmers and is highlighted with bright reds on the fins. They are carnivorous, feeding on insect larvae and small crustaceans filtered from the sand. Don't be fooled by this sand-dwellers' size and delicate appearance. C. stappersii can be very aggressive, especially to members of its own species. If you plan on keeping them, make sure you keep only one male and multiple females in a large tank. Callochromis stappersii isn't for everyone and really requires a large, sandy-bottom tank to really display their colors and behavior, especially when breeding.

If this is a species you might want to consider, visit the Lake Tanganyika forum to discuss proper tank setups and possible tankmates.