A great in the wild Callochromis macrops courtship video.

Callochromis macrops makes its home along the shallow sandy bottoms of southern Lake Tanganyika. As seen in the video above, C. macrops will dig small depressions in the sand for spawning. If given enough space and the right conditions, they will repeat this behavior in an aquarium.

One of the great characteristics of videos by LightSearch is their fixed camera positions which allows fish to become comfortable and demonstrate their natural behaviours. When spawning, Callochromis macrops females will deposit their eggs and quickly pick them up. At some point, the male will display its eggspot and when the female attempts to pick up the fake egg, the male fertilizes the eggs in her buccal cavity. To discuss Callochromis macrops, visit the Lake Tanganyika forum.

Callochromis macrops

Callochromis macrops. Screen capture from LgihtSearch video.​