Another terrific in the wild video from LightSearch3D showing Callochromis and Aulonocranus interacting in and around their bowers.

In the past, we've had a couple blogs about cichlid bowers in Lake Tanganyika. However, this video really shows the interaction of different cichlids in and around bowers. Not only are the Callochromis and Aulonocranus living next to each other and constantly facing off, but you can see a beautiful Ophthalmotilapia and even Oreochromis hanging around. Aulonocranus are one of the species known as featherfins, but there is nothing delicate about this fish when it comes to defending its nest.

You can read more about Callochromis in a Species Article by Brett Harrington. The picture below is a screen capture from the video. It shows an Ophthalmotilapia cruising right in front of the camera.


Ophthalmotilapia species. Screen capture from video.​