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Hey all,

I have huge problem in my 29 galon planted aquarium. About 5 days ago I noticed that my 2 bolivian Rams have small red worms sticking ouy from their anus. I recognized them as Callamanus Worms.
For last 48 hours I treated entire tank with Levamisole. My Rams are more active after treatment, and they are eating. Unfortunatelly the worms are still visible sticking out from fish anus.
I don't know what to do? I should stop treatment today afternoon. But worms are still there.

My tank is planted, I house in it 2 Bolovian Rams, 6 Honey Gouramis, 4 Panda Cory and One Betta Fish.
Tank is new. I started it 8 weeks ago.
On the picture u can see on of the Rams after about 56 hours of treatment.


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