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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, but I have had a Malawi tank for about ten years now.

I have a question about coloration of Labidochomis Caerulus. One of my newly added yellow labs has a blue chin. I haven't seen this earlier, althoug blue lips are comon for this species.


Is this kind of coloration comon for L Caerulus? Do others have similar?

Yoy can see some videos of my tank in youtube:

Best Regards,

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Jaakko_L said:
... Is this kind of coloration comon for L Caerulus? Do others have similar? ...
See the following article:

From the article:

"... The "Electric Yellow" morph is just one of almost a dozen different morphologies seen in this species through out the lake. These other morphs go either unnoticed, ignored, or forgotten by most hobbyists because of the omnipresent availability of the "Electric Yellow". This color variant, while more rare in the lake, enjoys a distribution in the hobby that would easily out number the wild population by probably several hundred-fold. In fact, the "Electric Yellow" that is so popular today was only recently discovered (about 15 years ago). The discovery and subsequent public offering of this mbuna constitutes a very colorful tale.

L. caeruleus was first identified in 1956 by G. Fryer. He described this fish as normally being white, with a black stripe through the dorsal fin, which would become a pale blue cast in breeding males (probably the morph from Nkhata Bay, Malawi). Believe it or not, this species was named caeruleus (meaning "blue" in Latin) for this very reason. It wasn't until around 1980 that this xanthic color variant was discovered by Stuart Grant and his divers. Grant et. al supposedly discovered a small colony of "Electric Yellows" at Lion's Cove, Malawi. ..."

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We fairly often see dark barring and/or a beard like your fish has. But it is usually gray...I've never seen a blue one like that.

Some prefer strains with clean yellow on the body, and line-breed to get the strain they like.
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