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I'lll be starting a colony of C. Foai in a 250-300 gallon tank (Goal is 2X males 6 females, I'll probably look for at least one wild male to assure color and variant etc.)

The rest of the stock list is:
-Self-raised f1 Black Pectoral Congo Calvus 1m/4fm

-C. Leptosoma Kitumba (Or whatever rare, colored up variant I can find but definitely jumbos) X24 (female heavy ratio of course.). I would have chose Tri-colors but I have killed them before so I'll pick another, very expensive group of cyps to watch slim, die and waste my $ this time :roll: !

-L. Furcifer 1m/1fm. (Is there any such thing as "Lamprologus" anymore?) If I can find them to be had?

-C. Foai 2m/6-8 females (Whatever the bluest variant is. Anyone? I'm talking all blue, no yellow on the head?))

And maybe a dozen N. Similis if they won't crowd the Foai and/or the footprint. I can't imagine they would, tank is at least 96"X24X24 and at most 96"X24X30 (So same footprint. But it's BIG either way.

My question is this: I want to display the Foai as breeding "center stage" in this setup. I know Foai need a 6 foot tank, however, does the majority of the footprint need to be unoccupied, as in open sand?

If not, then my hope is to manipulate where the dominant male will build that legendary bower... If I, with lace rock, build a horse shoe like cove (Walls of rock around the hopeful, centered, breeding site.) will the Foai be comfortable building in what essentially ends up being the only open sand patch? Or, will he ignore my manipulative aquascape and just start piling sand wherever he pleases (Over rockwork etc.) until he builds, more or less, a hill, where he then builds his bower?

Is there any chance of building to "horseshoes" and getting both boys to color up?

If I can control where they/he builds how big should the open area be for him?

TIA! I'mm pretty stoked about this project, Got a green light from my wife, and should be all setup by end of summer (Taking my time with this one, may build a foam Bckgd etc.)!! 8)
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