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So I have this bumblebee cichlid that's had a wound on his head for a few months now. I assumed that it was the result of a fight with one of his tankmates and moved him to a hospital tank when I noticed it. I admit, I didn't pay much attention to it after that because I've had a lot more pressing life issues demanding my attention and, at a glance, I thought it had been improving. About two weeks ago, I things slowed down enough that I was able to give him more attention and I realized that the wound wasn't going away. It actually looked like it was worse. So I did some research and saw recommendations to treat with an anti-bacterial. I bought the API Melafix( which just seems to be melaleuca oil ) and have been dosing daily with it for about a week and a half, keeping a close eye on any changes while I've been doing that. The wound has definitely been changing but I'm not sure if it's for better or worse. Maybe I'm not treating this issue right? I'm hoping that some people with more experience might have some advice for helping this guy. He's still pretty active/interactive but his appetite seems to have dropped since the daily doses started. I've included some photos below to document the changes that have occurred. Any input is welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read about my problem!


This is how the wound looked on the first day.


Day after the first dose of Melafix.


Two days into medication.


This is after about a week of Melafix.



These two are from last night. The swelling seems to have gone down but now there are crevices and I'm not sure what that round white thing in the middle of the wound is.
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