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I just got back from vacation and I seen my bumblebee is staying in a corner and laying on the bottom. I thought maybe he was acting that way because he had been in the dark for awhile. I did have friends coming over taking care of them so he was not in the dark the whole time I was gone. Anyways when I first seen him it looked like there was this ring around the pupil part of this eye, I thought it was just some night vision thing from being in the dark. When I turned on the light it made they eye look hollow and it looks like there is white on the inside. I thought maybe it was fungus but it does not look like any eye fungus I have seen before because it looks like its on the inside. It almost seems like he is blind. I just fed them to and he never went up to the surface, just went crazy on the bottom sifting through the sand. I was only gone for 10 days and I did have another fish die in the tank. While I was gone too. The bumblebee and the fish that died I got from my friends who have almost a brakish tank. I have had both fish for about a month in my tank. The PH is about perfect. I donno if the transition had anything to do with other cichlids are fine... I guess I just want to know your thoughts on all that and if you think my bumblebee is blind. Sorry i wrote so much!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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