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bulk food

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i have a question to all of those fellow breeders out there where and what kind of food do u feed ur breeders. Im looking to start getting some food bulk but not sure where to get from. i know currently have over 40 55 gallon tanks and around 20 75-90 gallon tanks and a butt load of smaller ones im looking to buy at least 50lbs of food at a time maybe more?
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If these are still Malawi cichlids, then you can buy some great foods by the bucketful... bulk orders could be sent right to the manufacturers...
I'm partial to New Life Spectrum although there are other high quality foods that will keep your Malawi cichlids healthy without producing a ton of fish wastes that you have to remove from that size of a system...
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I've bought from The fish seam to like it. Pretty reasonable on the price too.

I am partial to a mixture of New Life Spectrum and HBH Veggie Flakes (Basic). NLS comes in a small bucket and the HBH came to me in an 5 kg. (approx. 11 lbs.) bag. All food not in use is vacuum sealed and stored in a freezer.
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