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I'm thinking of different scenarios for my new 240litre 63 gallon tank.

I'm thinking of having a pair of buffalo head cichlid and a pair of Kribensis. I realise that both these cichlid pairs produce fry fairly regularly. I really like Synondontis petricola and am thinking of adding three of these fish to the tank. They might even be a good fry control. I would like to keep the fry population down.

I was also thinking of having a group of congo tetra.

Would the petricola be ok with these 2 substrate spawners in this size tank? I've heard they are quite peaceful catfish :-?

Many thanks for any advice.


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These are normally peaceful, African Riverine Cichlids. That is, until they spawn....
And unfortunately, (like some New World Species, esp. Central American cichlids) that seems to be just about all of the time! :oops:
And, both the Buffalo Head and Kribensis pair will totally go ALL IN in attacking other cichlids kept in that tank with them when defending territory and a spawning site. And unfortunately, that defended territory may encompass an area they perceive as actually larger than the size of your 63 gallon aquarium!
So yes, I believe the Synodontis catfish and a school of Congo Tetras will probably be able to avoid the worst of fry-protective Cichlid aggression and survive in that tank. Other cichlids? Not so much.... :(
I would personally just go with one pair of those Cichlids. Or, attempt keeping the two pairs thing of these species, in a bigger, six foot long tank.
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