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Buffalo Head Cichlids

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I just bought a 55 gallon tank and in another post I was given some advice on stocking. I already have 2 Acei in a smaller tank and will be buying a couple more when the big tank is ready to go. I have looked at some of the stocking recommendations, etc. I am going to stick with peaceful/mildly aggressive cichlids. I really like the looks of the Buffalo Head. Would it be compatible with Acei? If yes or no what cichlids would it be compatible with? So far the only recommendation I have found is to buy 3-4 and 2 will bond for life and the others should be returned. Any thoughts? I am just trying to decide what I want to stock and looking at possibilites. Thanks.
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The Buffalo Heads will pair up as you have described. There is a good article on them here.

The Ps. acei are not pair bonding fish, and are best in groups with a male and several females. These are mouth brooders, and sometimes you will get conflicts between mouthbrooders and egglayers (such as the buffalo heads). The egg layers will try to defend their fry, and the mouthbrooders will try to eat them, so there would be some conflict.

I don't think it would be an impossible mix, but eventually the fry will all get eaten.

Do you know the water parameters of your aquarium? The ph?
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