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Buccochromis Nototaenia

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Anyone ever had any, and does anyone have info about this species. I seen the one on the site,but doesn't have the select article on them.
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Thank You,your info. has been helpful.
What do you feed yours? or what do they prefer to eat besides fish? :lol: Which do you like better your Rhoadesii or your Notonaetia? and why? My fish are coming wed., I'm excited,especially to see the Notonaetia.
Thanks,nice looking fish,just curious do you have pics. of the Rosatus
Very nice pics.
I did think they nwere from the same family.Thanks. :thumb: :lol:
I did think they were from the same family.Thanks. :thumb: :lol:
The company is going to send me 6 buccochromis replacements,I hope it works,really looking forward to this fish.
there is a buccochromis rhoadesii,but you have the c. rhoadesii and I didn't catch that.
Me too.
1 - 10 of 16 Posts
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