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Buccochromis Nototaenia

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Anyone ever had any, and does anyone have info about this species. I seen the one on the site,but doesn't have the select article on them.
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I have seven now with the largest being 6.5" (male in pic below). This species is definetly one of the most active I've ever owned, they rarely stop swimming. You will need a large tank with a lot of open space.

My alpha male is the calmest of the group, rarely showing aggression to any inhabitants in the tank.The other 6 do show more aggression, though it is mostly conspecific (within their own species).

If you have a large tank (the bigger the better) I would definitely recommend this species, the males attain beautiful coloration as they mature and the females are not colorless as they have yellow in their pelvic, anal, and lower half of the caudal fins.

Around 5.5" to 6" in this pic.
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Scollie said:
What do you feed yours? or what do they prefer to eat besides fish? :lol: Which do you like better your Rhoadesii or your Notonaetia? and why? My fish are coming wed., I'm excited,especially to see the Notonaetia.
All you really need is a good quality pellet. I feed NLS exclusively. If you would like, you can add an occasional treat like frozen mysis shrimp or krill.

The rhoadesii I've just recently added to this tank and its a single 3.5" to 4" male so we'll see how it goes with him.
My two favs would be the rostratus and nototaenia, both for their looks and personalities.

Here is an updated pic from the other day. A few more in the photography section if you want to check them out.

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Here is my most recent pic of the alpha male at around 8"

And one from a few months ago
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